Attending the Outdoor Expo at Wild Horse Casino

Thank you to The Wild Horse Casino & Hotel & Convention Center for inviting the Wolf Pack out to broadcast live for The 1st Annual Hunt the Jicarilla Outdoor Expo. It was really a special experience for me to be there on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation and chat with some of the folks from the Jicarilla Apache Nation. It was more than a work obligation, it was more than a day at the casino. I didn’t even gamble a penny, but I won the jackpot of a rich experience.
The Wild Horse Casino & Hotel is located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Dulce, NM. Guests at the Wild Horse can enjoy gaming, dining, libations, shopping and so much more. It is a short, scenic drive from Pagosa Springs. Just head south on 84 through Chromo and then take 64 West through Lumberton and you will find yourself at the front door to a fun weekend or even a night away!Hunting clients also have access to a skinning facility. This also includes temporary cold storage. For information on reservations you can go to their website or call: (575) 759-3663 or (575) 759-3777. Scott Flury is an amazing hard-working member of the Wild Horse Casino Team and will be glad to answer any questions. Special thanks to Scott!
The Jicarilla Apache Nation has a long history of preserving its habitat and wildlife resources for trophy quality. The Reservation provides excellent year-round habitat for elk, Mule deer, turkey, Black Bear and Mountain Lion. The Reservation also serves as winter range for large herds of elk that migrate down from the San Juan Mountains. It is a premier Hunting and Fishing destination. If you would like more information about Hunting the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, go to or call (575) 759-3255. If you would like information regarding recovery of native fishes in the San Juan River, see
Here’s a little bit of history..
The word “Jicarilla” is tanslated to mean “little basket maker”.
The Jicarillas were one of six southern Athabaskan groups which migrated out of Canada sometime between A.D 1300 and 1500. Their traditional American Southwest homeland covered more than 50 million acres spreading across the central and eastern region of Northern New Mexico and adjoining portions of Southern Colorado and Western Oklahoma.
Living in small clusters of traditional family groups, the Jicarillas maintained semi-permanent campsites at favored locations for hunting and gathering, and moving with the seasons. Their lifestyle was that of a hunting tribe and a resourcful people, gathering plants and herbs for food and medicine. They also, though to a lesser degree, raised corn and other crops. The Jicarillas are also skilled basket makers and take pride in their handmade beaded jewelry. These skills have contributed to their ability to remain somewhat self-reliant on The Reservation and instills in the peoples of The Jicarilla Nation a beaming sense of pride in their culture. You can find more information about the Jicarilla Apache Nation online at
I was touched by and would like to say thank you to the following people for chatting with me from the expo. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity. Thank you so much.
Leon Reval, Legislative Member of The Jicarilla Apache Tribal Council
J.C. Knighthawk, Director of The Jicarilla Apache Game & Fish
Tom Fisher, New Mexico State Trapper’s Association
Matthew, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Dick Rey, Owner at Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park
Carl D. Chavez, Artist & Taxidermist, Mountain Legends Taxidermy
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis, Trappers & Jewelers, 2nd Generation Jicarilla Apache Nation
…and all the wonderful guests at The 1st Annual Hunt the Jicarilla Outdoor Expo. Thank you for stopping by the KWUF Booth to say hello!